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Featured Volunteer Opportunity

The Great Baikal Trail Construction Continues Each Year from May to September

THE GREAT BAIKAL TRAIL — If you are interested in helping our Russian partners build the first system of trails in northern Asia, then please visit the Great Baikal Trail site at https://greatbaikaltrail.org/en/volunteer-projects

If you would like to directly help build the trail, and assist in the connection of 3 national parks and 4 nature reserves around the lake, the GBT is looking for summer volunteers: generous and hearty souls who would like to spend 2-6 weeks at Baikal this year, and team up with local Russians to build this trail. To fill out an application to volunteer along the GBT, please go to http://greatbaikaltrail.org/en/volunteer/form(link).

For more details on the volunteer experience, go to: our featured page


More about the GBT

The Great Baikal Trail Association is an inter-regional community organization currently taking the following…

Goals, Where We Aim to Achieve:

  1. The healthy development of true eco-tourism around Lake Baikal;
  2. The preservation and protection of the overall environment around the Lake;
  3. The development of international cooperation and collaborative programs;
  4. An increase in the local population’s awareness of all environmental issues;
  5. Extensive advertising and promotion of a healthier lifestyle among locals; and
  6. The promotion of a more socially responsible community spirit in the Baikal region.

Individual Objectives:

  1. The creation of a single system of environmental trails around Lake Baikal;
  2. The development of a special form of Russian tourism called:  “Volunteer Vacationing”;
  3. Continuous organizing of a number of international cooperative programs;
  4. Attracting young people into our various environmental, educational, and other community programs;
  5. Creating a means for guaranteeing good communication and mutual support among community groups, government agencies, local businesses, and all our Baikal residents;
  6. Conducting scientific research and other educational programs, along with organizing various public conferences, round-tables, seminars, workshops, etc.;
  7. Forming environmental teams to tackle various issues, with numerous field expeditions.