Summary of “Regions of Baikal”

North Baikal

The Frolikha Wildlife Reserve; The North Baikal Warm Reception Club

West Baikal

The Pribaikalski National Park; The Baikal-Lena National Nature Reserve

East Baikal

The Barguzin National Nature Reserve; The Zabaikalski National Park

South Baikal

The Baikalski National Nature Reserve


The Decembrist Museum; The Okhlopkov Dramatic Theatre; The Cathedral of the Epiphany;The Irkutsk Regional Museum of Culture and Lore; The Skuchaev Regional Museum of Art in Irkutsk; The Angara Icebreaker Museum; The House of Europe; The 130 Quarter of Town; The “White House”; The Statue of Alexander the Second; The Moscow Gates


How the Pribaikal’ski was Created; About the Park; Park Zones; The Topography of the Park; Local Climate; Local Rivers and Streams; Trees, Flowers, and other Plant Life; Animal Wildlife