West Baikal

West Baikal contains two primary protected areas: Pribaikal’ski National Park, and the Baikal-Lena National Nature Reserve.

Shaman Rock, Olkhon Island


Pribaikal’ski National Park

The Pribaikal’ski is a narrow park that runs from the far southern tip of Baikal, past the mouth of the Angara River up to and including Olkhon Island. As this is one of the most popular parks in the region, we have created a page dedicated to Pribaikal’ski: The Pribaikal’ski National Park


Baikal-Lena National Nature Reserve

The Baikal-Lena National Nature Reserve, north of the Pribaikal’ski, but still on the lake, is very remote: the region can only be reached by boat or on foot. The Reserve features the Brown Bear Coast, where you’ll find the most brown bears just about anywhere in Russia. Further inland you’ll come across the headwaters of the Lena River (the river from which Vladimir Lenin took his name when he was exiled to Siberia in the 19th century). From here you could, in theory, raft all the way to the Arctic Ocean.