North Baikal

This is the most remote part of the lake; the first to freeze in the fall and the last to melt in the spring, the region is generally only accessible via train. Transportation by hydrofoil becomes possible in the summer months, but the trip across the water still requires a day’s travel from Irkutsk.

There are no national parks in north Baikal, with the nearest being in the eastern and western regions. There are, however, regional parks like the Frolikha Wildlife Reserve, which protects a lake and river of the same name.

The Frolikha Wildlife Reserve

In this area you will encounter the most pristine waters in all of Siberia. The Great Baikal Trail (GBT) has built numerous pathways in and around this reserve, which are accessible by boat from the northern town of Severobaikalsk. Severobaikalsk is located along the BAM railroad line (the Baikal Amur River Main-line).


The North Baikal Warm Reception Club: a Local Environmental Group

For an in-depth description of North Baikal, and for information on tours and hostels in the area, please visit the North Baikal Warm Reception Club website.