Related Organizations with whom Baikal Watch collaborates on a constant basis to protect Lake Baikal and its massive, multi-national watershed!



Local groups (active in Northern Asia):

  • The Great Baikal Trail Association – Formed in 2002, this group works closely with the parks and nature reserves at Lake Baikal to build the first system of trails in all of Russia.
  • North Baikal Warm Reception Club – A group of activists from the northern reaches of the lake, who are behind the growth of ecotourism and nature interpretation in this more remote part of the world.
  • A-B Tours – A for-profit group that is in the forefront of running true ecot-ours at Baikal
  • The Center for Environmental Research and Education (no website) – A non-profit at Baikal that is helping train new groups of nature guides around the lake, while reaching out to native peoples of Siberia as they strive to protect their own rights to a clean environment.
  • Mongol Ecology Center – Initiated by Earth Island Institute, this national center is now one of the leading environmental groups in Mongolia, providing much-needed expertise and other support to the new and emerging national parks in the countryside, including Lake Hovsgol National Park (located at the headwaters of the Selenga River, which ultimately empties into Baikal!).

The Darhad Valley is shown above; near to the headwaters of the Selenga River, and under the jurisdiction of the Mongol Ecology Center)


Other international groups active who work with us in the greater Baikal region and Siberia:


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